Blue Events

The best laid plans of mice and 'borgs

Well, following a rather disastrous, catastrophic attack on the Amer-Indian encampment at Yosemite (in which Gator and 20 Amer-Indians were killed with scores more wounded), the team and surviving wounded were transported via Trauma Team to a variety of Night City hospitals, thanks to Wally’s new “meal ticket” and media icon, Bes Isis. Mike (AKA: Nobody) received the news that his legs had been amputated following their nearly complete destruction during the attack at the Amer-Indian compound. Adrianna (AKA: Samael) was hospitalized with less severe wounds, and was expected to be ambulatory and out within 2-3 days.

Brennan, after talking with Bes Isis about our investigations into the “blue events” (with the help of an ever-so-slightly twitterpated/star-struck Laura), contacted the lady documentary producer we’d provided security for during the Megalodon incident, in hopes of combining information/resources/contacts to provide a more solid news/PR packet should things go completely pear-shaped as far as our dealings with Arasaka are concerned. It was decided, between Brennan and Bes, that she would hold off making this information public until such time as we gave her the go-ahead, or that we were suddenly unable to contact her, which would mean that we had either been arrested/detained/killed. Our method of contact was to call her direct number by noon(ish) each day, give a code-word determined the previous day, and start the 24hr clock running again.

During the conversation with Bes, Larua received a phone call from the financial/legal offices of “Blah, Blah, & Finch”, which eventually led to her being given control of all of Gator’s financial resources (to the aggregate tune of some $100million) for the purposes of completing his/our mission of retrieving all the people who’ve been lost to the “blue events”.

While Laura was in her meeting, Brennan went to Night City General to check in on Mike and Adrianna (not necessarily in that order), met with Michael Nightfeather (Danny’s brother) and was also updated on Danny’s condition and prognosis (Danny had received severe burns over a large portion of his body during the raid on the Amer-Indian compound). Meanwhile, across town, Wally Leads (our resident drver/daredevil/resistance leader/wanted terrorist) and Tech-9 visited the Night City branch of Millitech Arms to purchase nearly half a ton of military-grade hardware and ammunition using the stolen ID of the sole surviving Arasaka trooper from the Yosemite raid (who is now in the hands of Bes Isis and her people, being “debriefed”, but most likely listed by Arasaka as “missing and presumed dead, the latest in a string of victims of the known terrorist Wally Leads and his terrorist organization [read: us]”).

That evening, following Mike’s surgery in which he received a cybernetic “upgrade” in the form of a pair of Speeding Bullet legs, to replace the ones that the Arasaka goons were so nice to mostly shoot off for him, Brennan stayed in Adrianna’s room to help fend off the abundance of unwanted attention she was receiving at the hands of nearly all of the male staff. Laura also visited the hospital and spoke with Mike, telling him of Gator’s “last will and testament,” and then spoke brifly with Danny Nightfeather. Afterwards, she and the rest of the team spent a mostly uneventful night at various places throughout the city, in hopes of regrouping the next morning.

Early the next day, Mike’s new lady friend, Dr Lillian Swann, arrived at Night City General and steamrolled her way through the transfer process to get Mike moved to Saint Catherine’s Medical Center where she is the head administrator. This in turn caused Brennan and Adrianna some initial consternation, as neither of them was aware that Mike had been transferred.

Later that morning, while “running the city to clear her head,” Laura spotted the mysterious motorcycle-riding assailant who’d shot up and firebombed the front of O’Doyle’s Bar & Grill (first session), during a paid hit on one Simon Pelletier (a spook contact of Mike’s) in which a friend and co-worker of Laura’s from NCCS was also killed. Laura gave chase, inadvertantly causing an eight-car pileup on the Gibson bridge, and captured the assailant (who turned out to be female). She then called Brennan for help/advice, who in turn called Wally to pick up Laura and the “prisoner.” Wally arrived (in his singularly inimitable style), with Tech-9 in tow, and proceded to pick up Laura and the prisoner, and hightailed it to the self-storage unit he’d secured that morning in Heywood.

Upon arriving, with Brennan close behind, the prisoner was “secured” with a roll of duct tape. During an attempt to tranquilize the prisoner, Brennan was injured when she kicked him in the head with a pair of spike-heeled feet. Brennan returned with a quick pair of shots before the prisoner closed the rear doors of the SUV, effectively creating a bit of a standoff. As the team attempted to talk her out of the SUV, a panel truck arrived to deliver the half-ton of Millitech hardware to the storage unit, while the prisoner made a subvocal comlink call to “911”, claiming she’d been abducted by a group of cyberpsychos, at which point both SWAT and C-SWAT were dispatched to rescue the prisoner and arrest/detain the team on-site. Upon seeing the officers entering the storage facility grounds, Wally bodily dragged the truck driver from the vehicle and hopped into the driver’s seat, while Brennan made a quick call to REO dispatch letting them know he was being arrested… end of session.


Let me know if anyone notices any glaring omissions or errors. Happy reading.


Actually Wally grabbed all his Arasaka stuff when fleeing the detention center.


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