Laura Hikaru

Combat Zone born Catgirl freerunner.


Int: 7 Ref: 9 Tech: 6 Cool: 9 Attr: 9 Luck: 8 MA: 10 Body: 7 Emp: 9/7

Special Ability: RapidTrans 9
Attr: Personal Grooming 2, Wardrobe & Style 2
Body: Endurance 5, Strength Feat 2, Swimming (Chipped) 3
Cool/Will: Streetwise 3
Empathy: Human Perception 8, Persuasion & Fast Talk 4
Int: Awareness/Notice 8, Education & Gen. Know. (Chipped) 3, Hide/Evade 7, Library Search 2, Scuba (Chipped) 3, Shadow/Track 1, System Knowledge 2, Wilderness Survival 2
Ref: Athletics: 9, Driving (Chipped) 3, Martial Art: Jattenhand 8, Pilot: Watercraft (Chipped) 3 Stealth 6
Tech: Basic Tech 5, Electronics 2, Electronic Security 3, Pick Lock 7

Minor Facial, Tail, Speed Graffs, Nano Audio, Nano Optic, Neural Processor, Chipware Socket, Muscle and Bone Lace, Body Sculpting

Current Funds:
-Hello Kitty Wallet: 42.50 Euro
-Orbital Crystal Card: 96,542,935 Euro


Laura Hikaru was born to a Japanese father and Chinese mother, and is the second of four children. She grew up in the Combat Zone of Night City in the warehouse her family lived in as squaters. An accident left her parents disabled: her father in chronic pain, her mother a prescription drug addict.

To escape this “home life,” Laura took to the streets, where she became a proficient freerunner, going by the handle Violet Blur. Laura was able to turn these skills into a profession, going to work for NCCU (Night City Couriers United).

During this time Laura met Ari Asada-Kinney. The two fell in love and began living together. Ari had recently undergone body modification surgery to become a “bunny-girl.” With Ari’s support, Laura underwent similar surgery to become a cat-mod. This act put even more strain on Laura’s family relationship. Her parents and older brother saw this surgery as a waste of money that could have been used to support them.

Shortly after this, Laura lost most of her freerunning crew when she refused to go on a run into the Corporate Zone; a run that resulted in three arrests and one death, and caused Laura to become a pariah to the rest.

Despite these setbacks, Laura was optimistic about the future. She had a good job and an apartment in the Moderate Zone with Ari. Things were looking good.

Laura Hikaru

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