Nate Hall



INT 6 COOL 8 M.A. 6 RUN 15
TECH 10 LUCK 5 EMP 8/6 LIFT 320

Vehicle Zen 8
Personal grooming 2
Wardrobe & style 2
Endurance 3
Strength feat 3
Swimming 3
Intimidate 2
Oratory 4
Resist torture & drugs 2
Streetwise 4
Human perception 2
Persuasion & fast talk 5
Awareness/notice 6
Education & general knowledge 1
Expert: engines 4
Hide/evade 3
Library search 2
Shadow/track 3
Athletics 4
Brawling 4
Dodge & escape 4
Driving 7
Handgun 4
Melee 2
Motorcycle 5
Op. Hvy Machine 3
Rifle 1
Stealth 2
Basic tech 5
Electronics 3
Electronic security 3
Pick lock 3
Pilot: water craft 4*

Processor, Chip socket, Vehicle link, Tech link, plugs, sub-dermal skull plate SP8, Biomonitor


Wally Leeds is 32 and has raced in form or another from when he was in his youth. There really isn’t much Wally can’t drive and if can’t he always is willing to count on luck and give it a shot. Wally worked his way up through the ranks of professional racing winning the Pikes Peak rally at 16 and finally earning an opportunity to race in NASCAR. Poised to win his first race at Talladega Wally was crashed badly by a reckless rival. Despite a very serious head wound he stumbled from his burning car dragged the other racer from his wreck and commenced beating him, the other driver would later die from injuries sustained (some people believe it was the wreck others the beating). Wally spent several weeks recovering and before he was released from the hospital his wife Denise let him know she wanted a divorce. Another crushing blow but he would at least retain visitation rights to see his daughter. Over the next 5 years Wally took over operations at his Grandpa’s scrap yard (where he also lives in an old trailer) and began taking whatever odd driving jobs he could get his hands on. From running drugs, to stealing cars, to doing a season on IRT Deadliest Roads, anything that let him use his driving skills.

- Danny Nightfeather introduces Wally to the group as a wheelman.
- Wally’s Daughter Sara disappears in a “blue event” and johnny law comes down on him.
- Wally saves the day at the floatilla by jumping a shark.
- Wally is detained by Arasaka, helps in the escape and through his natural charisma leads to a meeting with Bas Isis to get his side of the “blue event” and his daughters disappearance story out.
- Wally tries to help his team by getting them refitted with all new gear only to get them all into tons of trouble.
- After escaping the cops Wally finds himself in a situation which leave him almost burnt to death.
- Taking the opportunity to put all the trouble caused by Wally to rest during the reconstructive surgery he changes his appearance and becomes Nathan Phillip Hall.

Nate Hall

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