Blue Events

Night City Nights: The Ballad of Wally Leeds

The steady, rhythmic ratcheting filled the garage at the new safe house. Ol’ Beastly sat stripped under the hard blue-white florescent lights. The stink of the fire still heavy even though the interior had been stripped and the parts removed from the garage. The air fresheners were begin to make a dent in the smell though as well as all the new scents, brand new tools, fresh fluids and parts. It was going to take a full garage and a hell of a lot of labor to get the big S.U.V. back into working order.

Nate sighed looking up the clump of lines and cables that had fused together under the truck. He wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of a greasy hand, his new forehead. It was an odd feeling being a new man. He looked around the creeper for a 3/8" socket and frowned. Every size but the one you need, he thought and began to wheel the creeper towards the front of beastly.

Laura was perched a top the empty engine compartment, crouched and sullen as she flipped through one of Tech-9’s repair manuals. She hadn’t dealt well with the news that she was responsible for the death of woman whose now orphaned children she had been trying to save from The Edge. Nate had invited to help with the repairs. Come on Laura, you might learn something about cars, he’d said. He wasn’t as smooth as his new looks should have warranted but it had stopped her from trying to commit suicide by orphan.


She looked over the top of the manual, down at Nate on the creeper, raising an eyebrow.

Man she’s getting more messed up by the minute, he thought before asking for the 3/8" socket.

Laura took a few seconds to acknowledge the statement, then finally picked the socket out of the toolbox and dropped it down to Nate. Thanks, he said catching it. She gave him a weak smile and went back to the manual. In the corner Tech pulled the gears from the transfer case one by one, inspecting each and whispering to himself.

Jesus. Nate thought, we are not the people to deal with this shit. Brennan had been there and he was a vet but Mike and Arianna were this teams heavy hitters and both of them had been hospitalized. That wasn’t the worst of it either, with Gator biting it in Yosemite they had no leadership or direction anymore and because if that they were finding themselves in bad situations all the time now. Laura and Nate had loved ones missing and they were off starting gang wars and police shootouts. Nate sighed and pulled himself back under beastly starting the ratcheting again.

A loud thump against the wall that rattled the doors and hanging tools caused them freeze, ready to defend themselves from whatever new hell was about to burst in through it.

Shit! Mike’s pained voice came through the wall. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Mike hadn’t quite gotten a handle on his new legs yet and he must have crashed into the wall. They all waited several tense moments but slowly started to realize there was no fire-fight coming and began to relax.

Finally Tech spoke. So what do you think is going on with Arianna’s contact disappearing, he asked the other two screwing up his face.

Nate didn’t stop ratcheting.

Oh, tortured into giving us up I’m sure. Arianna and Brennan are fighting for there lives somewhere, or already dead and I’m sure the rockets will come raining in on us in no time. He said with his slight drawl.

Tech let out a nervous laugh, it seemed all to possible and Nate to deadpan for it to be a joke. Nate continued, if for nothing more then to hear himself talk.

You know if you’d told me a month ago that Wally Leeds would be a dead man I’d have laughed in your face. Wally had gasoline and adrenalin pumping through his veins. He had the instincts of a cheetah and the soul of a winner.

Laura raised an eyebrow. Tech got a crooked smile on his face as he worked. Nate continued.

I don’t know jack about this black ops shit. I know how to drive, that’s what I do but still I thought I’d get through this no problem. Make some easy money and give my little girl a halfway descent life. Now I don’t even know if she’s alive.

Laura shifted uneasily at that thought. If dinosaurs and giant bugs were coming through these “red events” then who knows what was happening to those disappearing in the “blue event”.

I’ve been stupid, Nate continued. I thought I was invincible that I could out run anything, even death. I guess sometimes going fast isn’t the answer, he said sullenly. Nate stopped ratcheting. I’m sorry. My big mouth has gotten us into more trouble then we needed and got us away from what’s important.

Laura put the manual down thinking of the violent outburst she’d had that had injured many and left a few children orphaned. It’s not all your fault Wall, she caught herself before she said it. I mean Nate. That’s going to take some getting use to, she thought.

He rolled out, stood and wiped his greasy hands on a rag. He brooded on it a moment and then said Make no mistake guys, Wally Leeds is dead. They saw in his new brown eyes and the look on his reconstructed face that he had put him to rest. His sandy mop of blonde hair was jet and spiked back, his wild green eyes were now dark brown and brooding, and though there was hints of Wally in the face it was Nate’s face now. He finally looked over at the teenage cat girl still crouched up on beastly.

You and me, we got too much wrapped up in this. We gotta get out eyes on the prize if your girl friend and my little girl are gonna have a snowballs chance in hell. There was a seriousness on this new face she had never scene on Wally’s. No matter what happens from here on out, whether Brennan and Arianna are dead, whether Arasaka is waiting outside right now to frag us, or whether we have to fight a whole damn dinosaur army. No matter what. We don’t stop until we have our people back.

At that moment they knew that Nathan Phillip Hall meant every word that came out of his mouth.

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'

Once again, our old friend Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law) decided to visit his favorite group of damage sponges. Well, with the help of our great and wicked GM, of course.

Anyway, as this week’s session opened, four of our intrepid “heroes” were caught by C-Swat (Cyber-Swat, for those who don’t know) at the self-storage facility, with an officially kidnapped “victim” in the back of their SUV, a load of questionably- (ok, let’s be honest, illegaly-) obtained military-grade hardware in the back of a panel truck, and a reputed “cyber psycho” among them. The other two, the most unhealthy (read: wounded/damaged/shot-up) of the bunch, were in separate medical facilities, both with several days of healing still in their immediate future.

Things at the storage facility quickly went full-throttle. The resident medic, Brennan, gave the “hostage” the ultimatum of “either I open the door and execute you, or I open the door and you run your ass outta here” (to paraphrase), to which the only response was silence. Upon opening the door to the SUV, the scene that greeted our “medic” was one of a mostly naked female victim who had apparently (to anyone just setting eyes on her) just been beaten, tortured and raped. Let’s keep in mind, at the end of last session, said “victim” was fully dressed, had NOT been tortured, was still fully clothed (albeit more than a little on the ragged side), and had managed to double-kick Brennan in the head with a pair of heel spikes. Anyway, at about the time the ultimatum was given, Wally raced the panel truck in reverse to the team’s storage shed, slammed on the brakes, and the pallets of illegal hardware spilled out into the parking lot (yeah, the roll-up door on the truck was open), just outside of the shed. Now, being that the “hostage” was apparently not willing to take the “run your ass outta here” option, Brennan followed through on his threat and put a bullet through her head. In the process of checking her for phones/tracking devices/whatnot, Brennan discovered a note beneath the body “begging” for the team to “please take this key (the one in her pocket), get the bag in the locker at the mall, and get it to the six children living beneath the Gibson Bridge… without it, they won’t survive.” The team then piled into the SUV, strapped in, and prepared to take off.

Meanwhile, across town, our pair of resident invalid mercenaries were each being moved on in their respective hospital rooms. Mike, at St Catharine’s, was strapped to a gurney, gagged, and wheeled out of his room by what looked to be an orderly. After raising what little ruckus he could, Mike was informed by his “escort” that he could either “shut up or be dead… Mr Watanabe doesn’t much care which.” Oh, goodie… Arasaka still has a hardon for our team of misfits. Yay. En route to the elevator, a security guard came trotting up the hall to stop the man wheeling the gurney, only to receive a bullet to the head for his trouble. Said guard was then stuffed into the undercarriage of the gurney, covered with a sheet, and the gurney continued to the elevator. Once the elevator reached the rooftop helipad, Mike and the unfortunate guard were wheeled into a waiting AV. The short version of the ensuing rescue is that Doctor Lillian Swan, Mike’s (until now, it would seem) would-be girlfriend, had taken the pilot’s place and dumped a very surprised kidnapper out the rear loading hatch of an airborne AV at something close to 1000 feet. Kidnapping officially averted.

However, at Night City General, Adrianna wasn’t faring quite as well. After a rather brief and brutal attack in her hospital room by a knife-wielding assailant dressed as a doctor, Adrianna lost consciousness and was pronounced dead, tagged, and placed in the morgue for storage. The official report would be that the attack was politically-motivated. Some time later, she awoke on the cold metal slab of a refrigerated morgue locker. Eventually, a very wounded Adrianna snuck out of the morgue, into the loading docks, and hotwired a panel truck to make her escape.

Back at the storage facility, C-Swat had taken up positions for intersecting lines of fire on our would-be fugitives, and opened fire, both with heavy caliber gunfire and a grenade that landed “perfectly” amid the pile of illegal hardwar (consisting of weapons, ammunition, and an assortment of grenades/explosives). Daredevil and driver extraordinaire Wally Leads gunned his rolling behemoth, “Ol’ Beastly”, out of the storage unit, over/through the pile of burning debris, straight at two C-Swat officers and over the spike-strips-on-steroids. After diving for cover, the two officers proceeded to hose the rear end of Wally’s SUV with 15mm rounds (thankfully, the armor held up to the first barrage), while the spike strips got wound up around the solid 33-inch run-flat tires on Ol’ Beastly. From there, Wally managed to turn the three-plus tons of SUV into a giant pinball, bouncing it off a pair of storage units, between two steel barrier posts at the entrance, and careening off the rear bumper of an armored Police truck. Oh, and there was another spike strip that got added to the first one, effectively shredding both front tires as they raced off in search of a convenient hiding spot.

Thanks to Laura’s (the “cyber-psycho”) rapid-trans skills, the team made an impromptu (and messy) entrance into the warehouse/“surgical facility” of a local ripperdoc. After a couple of quickly placed phone calls and a pair of rather hefty bribes, new wheels/tires were delivered to the warehouse and the body in the back of the SUV was disposed of. While at their very temporary and short-lived hidey hole, the team learned of Adrianna’s untimely (and greatly exaggerated) demise. During the process of rifling through the hostage’s affects, Brennan discovered (and “surgically” removed) a phone that had apparently been transmitting a traceable cell-phone signal the entire time. Time to once again get the hell outta Dodge. With new tires in place, the team made for a new hideout (of Laura’s choosing), under the Gibson Bridge (yep… wait for it).

About the time the team was finding a place to park their somewhat battered SUV underneath the bridge, the hotwired panel truck that Adrianna had made her escape in was breaking down ON the bridge. Oddly enough (or perhaps the police had simply stepped up their presence in the area following a kidnapping and 6-car pileup on that same bridge just hours earlier), a NCPD cruiser pulled up behind the disabled truck, “interviewed” a scantily-clad (wrapped in a too-small hospital gown) Adrianna, and after checking her story they delivered her to St Catherine’s, her intended destination in the first place.

While setting up camp in the shanty-town beneath the Gibson Bridge, Laura and Brennan watched as two apparent gang members accosted a young, 8-ish year old girl. When it looked as if the pair were only interested in taking the child’s food and/or other belongings, Brennan attempted to restrain Laura from intervening, rationalizing that the team could give the child more food after the gangers had gone, and that a low profile was what they desperately needed at the moment. However, once it became painfully clear that the pair of gangers had more nefarious intentions towards the girl (read: probable rape/assault), Brennan joined Laura in attempting to rescue the child. As they approached the trio, Wally climbed into Ol’ Beastly and fired her up, waiting for the appropriate opening. When Laura leg-swept the pair of gangers, Brennan scooped up the frightened child, and Wally proceeded to “park” his rolling behemoth atop the two would-be rapists.

Wally: “Search these guys… they got anything on em?”
Laura: “Yeah… a truck.”

While Brennan, Tek and Wally surveyed the damage and did a cursory check, Laura tracked the girl back through a maze of cardboard lean-to’s and debris to a group of what appeared to be brothers and sisters, one of whom (little Timmy… yes, we know, “little Timmy fell under the bridge!”) was obviously sick and in dire need of medical attention. No matter how Laura argued and tried to persuade the children to follow her back to the truck, just so Brennan could assess Timmy’s condition, the six children (remember the note from a couple paragraphs up?) refused to leave their “home”, because Molly, their “mom” would be back and would be looking for them. Laura promised the children that she’d wait for them back at the truck, should they change their minds, and went back to inform Brennan and the others of what she’d found and learned. Brennan, immediately recognizing the details of the note scrawled by their “hostage” from earlier in the day (the one he’d executed and cremated), opted to keep the potentially incenciary information concerning Molly’s identity to himself.

Meanwhile, as Doctor Swann (Lillian) showed Mike a news clip of traffic cam footage, clearly showing Laura tackling and (“psychotically”) assaulting a female motorcyclist, followed by “resistance leader Wally Leads and an unknown assistant loading the unconscious female victim into a waiting getaway vehicle,” an extremely haggard and bloodied Adrianna was delivered to St Catherine’s and subsequently reunited with a very pleasantly shocked Mike. Shortly thereafter, Lillian returned with a set of keys to an SUV that had been delivered by one of the Amerindians (the rental vehicle Mike had driven to Yosemite, with his and Adrianna’s duffel bags of hardware in it), pursuant to a call Mike had made to the Nightfeather brothers earlier that day.

It was about that time that the team under the bridge noticed a series of fires (probably bon-fires or burn barrels) along the ground beneath the bridge, with a growing number of silhouettes gathering around them. Shortly thereafter, the silhouettes then began to converge on the team’s location, armed with torches/molotovs/clubs/knives/etc, with the obvious intent of defending their turf and reasserting their dominance over the area. As Brennan and Laura briefly debated their options, Mike called to deliver the news that Adrianna was in fact alive, at which time Brennan reported that they were about to “go to war with a street gang under the bridge.”

So, the mostly healthy members of the team are currently under the Gibson Bridge, about to take on a half-assed street gang that outnumbers them ten-to-one, with almost no weapons and less amunition, while the beat-up invalid combat operatives are stuck in a hospital twenty-odd blocks away, with a not-so-small arsenal at their disposal and no way to rescue their team. Aaahh, I love the smell of irony in the city.

End of session.

The best laid plans of mice and 'borgs

Well, following a rather disastrous, catastrophic attack on the Amer-Indian encampment at Yosemite (in which Gator and 20 Amer-Indians were killed with scores more wounded), the team and surviving wounded were transported via Trauma Team to a variety of Night City hospitals, thanks to Wally’s new “meal ticket” and media icon, Bes Isis. Mike (AKA: Nobody) received the news that his legs had been amputated following their nearly complete destruction during the attack at the Amer-Indian compound. Adrianna (AKA: Samael) was hospitalized with less severe wounds, and was expected to be ambulatory and out within 2-3 days.

Brennan, after talking with Bes Isis about our investigations into the “blue events” (with the help of an ever-so-slightly twitterpated/star-struck Laura), contacted the lady documentary producer we’d provided security for during the Megalodon incident, in hopes of combining information/resources/contacts to provide a more solid news/PR packet should things go completely pear-shaped as far as our dealings with Arasaka are concerned. It was decided, between Brennan and Bes, that she would hold off making this information public until such time as we gave her the go-ahead, or that we were suddenly unable to contact her, which would mean that we had either been arrested/detained/killed. Our method of contact was to call her direct number by noon(ish) each day, give a code-word determined the previous day, and start the 24hr clock running again.

During the conversation with Bes, Larua received a phone call from the financial/legal offices of “Blah, Blah, & Finch”, which eventually led to her being given control of all of Gator’s financial resources (to the aggregate tune of some $100million) for the purposes of completing his/our mission of retrieving all the people who’ve been lost to the “blue events”.

While Laura was in her meeting, Brennan went to Night City General to check in on Mike and Adrianna (not necessarily in that order), met with Michael Nightfeather (Danny’s brother) and was also updated on Danny’s condition and prognosis (Danny had received severe burns over a large portion of his body during the raid on the Amer-Indian compound). Meanwhile, across town, Wally Leads (our resident drver/daredevil/resistance leader/wanted terrorist) and Tech-9 visited the Night City branch of Millitech Arms to purchase nearly half a ton of military-grade hardware and ammunition using the stolen ID of the sole surviving Arasaka trooper from the Yosemite raid (who is now in the hands of Bes Isis and her people, being “debriefed”, but most likely listed by Arasaka as “missing and presumed dead, the latest in a string of victims of the known terrorist Wally Leads and his terrorist organization [read: us]”).

That evening, following Mike’s surgery in which he received a cybernetic “upgrade” in the form of a pair of Speeding Bullet legs, to replace the ones that the Arasaka goons were so nice to mostly shoot off for him, Brennan stayed in Adrianna’s room to help fend off the abundance of unwanted attention she was receiving at the hands of nearly all of the male staff. Laura also visited the hospital and spoke with Mike, telling him of Gator’s “last will and testament,” and then spoke brifly with Danny Nightfeather. Afterwards, she and the rest of the team spent a mostly uneventful night at various places throughout the city, in hopes of regrouping the next morning.

Early the next day, Mike’s new lady friend, Dr Lillian Swann, arrived at Night City General and steamrolled her way through the transfer process to get Mike moved to Saint Catherine’s Medical Center where she is the head administrator. This in turn caused Brennan and Adrianna some initial consternation, as neither of them was aware that Mike had been transferred.

Later that morning, while “running the city to clear her head,” Laura spotted the mysterious motorcycle-riding assailant who’d shot up and firebombed the front of O’Doyle’s Bar & Grill (first session), during a paid hit on one Simon Pelletier (a spook contact of Mike’s) in which a friend and co-worker of Laura’s from NCCS was also killed. Laura gave chase, inadvertantly causing an eight-car pileup on the Gibson bridge, and captured the assailant (who turned out to be female). She then called Brennan for help/advice, who in turn called Wally to pick up Laura and the “prisoner.” Wally arrived (in his singularly inimitable style), with Tech-9 in tow, and proceded to pick up Laura and the prisoner, and hightailed it to the self-storage unit he’d secured that morning in Heywood.

Upon arriving, with Brennan close behind, the prisoner was “secured” with a roll of duct tape. During an attempt to tranquilize the prisoner, Brennan was injured when she kicked him in the head with a pair of spike-heeled feet. Brennan returned with a quick pair of shots before the prisoner closed the rear doors of the SUV, effectively creating a bit of a standoff. As the team attempted to talk her out of the SUV, a panel truck arrived to deliver the half-ton of Millitech hardware to the storage unit, while the prisoner made a subvocal comlink call to “911”, claiming she’d been abducted by a group of cyberpsychos, at which point both SWAT and C-SWAT were dispatched to rescue the prisoner and arrest/detain the team on-site. Upon seeing the officers entering the storage facility grounds, Wally bodily dragged the truck driver from the vehicle and hopped into the driver’s seat, while Brennan made a quick call to REO dispatch letting them know he was being arrested… end of session.

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